Trust and competence

After buying a practice and then merging it with an existing one earlier this year I kept noticing a couple of common themes that kept occurring. Whether it was we’ll transfer your work phone calls to your cell phone before we disconnect your office line, we’ll move your office phone line so you wont miss too many calls in your new location, we’ll process your credit card transactions securely and economically, this software will work, I’ll create a basic website for you, your application for your new practice has been approved (finally!), we’ll start processing your insurance claims, you’re new table will take 4-6 weeks for delivery…. I’ve found that the issues of trust and competence keep occurring. Some choices did end up working after additional time/money/effort were invested, some didn’t and some just weren’t worth continuing with after I found a better solution for that need. I expected to have problems like this with all of the changes that happened, and these are the kinds of problems that typically come with growth and improvement.

The choices I made with moving are the same ones my patients are making too. The first few months were a little confusing and different for all of the patients, and I could see they were making the same decisions I was making. The first few weeks I was either the new doc who suddenly bought out the guy they’d seen for years and years or the same doc in a different place. And then after I moved the practice down the street to a nicer building that was easier to get to there was even more confusion. The new equipment that took longer than 6 weeks for delivery made things better too, even if it did take a little while for everyone to get used to it. But as things started to settle down into a familiar routine patients kept telling me they liked the changes I’d made and that they trusted me to keep helping them. I hope to continue to earn the this trust as time goes by; please let me know if there are other changes you’d like to see.

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