Good and bad stress

The Cubs winning the World Series was a great example of different types of stresses and how they effect the body. While there technically aren’t good and bad stresses, we can all appreciate the differences between the two and how too much of either one can be bad for us. With the seventh game being decided in the 10th inning Cubs and Indians fans both experienced more highs (good stress) and lows (bad stress) than usual this year. Prolonged exposure to either one (or both) of these stresses effect the conditions I see in my patients, usually in a bad way. I usually start with stress reduction for new Acupuncture patients, and most of them are pleasantly surprised to find out how many different parts of their lives are better after the stress in their life is more manageable. Indeed, while most Acupuncture patients start coming in for pain relief it’s stress relief that keeps them coming back. If you’d like help balancing the stress in your life give me a call at (847) 870-0280 to get started. cubs-win-10

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