Don’t let the cold keep you inside.

When I rode a motorcycle people used to ask how I could ride if if was raining or cold. The answer was the same for both situations, you dress for the weather and you’ll be comfortable. I used to tell people my motorcycles weren’t Harley’s and would run in the rain (actually most Harleys will run in the rain for at least a little while, it’s the owners who have problems with the rain), and that if you were dressed right you’d be comfortable. Now that my riding is done on a bicycle instead of a motorcycle I still get asked the same questions. And the answers are still the same, it’s possible to be comfortable outside in the cold while riding to and from work in this weather by wearing the right clothes – even without using the electric vest I used on my last motorcycle. People do this when they go skiing or go to the Bears game, and you too can be comfortable outside by wearing the right clothes. Just don’t bundle up too well, or you’ll end up not being able to move like the younger brother in A Christmas Story.

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