Changing seasons

Patients often wonder why things are worse for them as the seasons change. They’ll often say things like “I didn’t do anything different”, yet they know that things are worse for them and mention feeling worse all over. There are several explanations for this, the first is due to the body adapting to the changes. We get jet lag when we fly somewhere different enough that we notice the change in the weather and time, usually taking a day or so to adapt to the new environment. Something similar is happening to us here now, except that instead of us going to a different environment, the environment is changing where we are. And once again it usually takes us a while to adapt to the changes.

In the eastern view there are five seasons during the year instead of four. The fifth season is the changing of the seasons like we see with Indian Summer and happens in both the spring and fall. Illnesses tend to either be worse or become apparent then, and anyone with seasonal allergies can tell you that these patterns continue from year to year.

Acupuncture helps us to cope with these changes, and Chiropractic helps with the aches and pains that I mentioned. Call 847-870-0280 if you’d like some help with these changes.

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