I’m often asked how gentle care can do so much to help patients, especially patients who are scared to visit a Chiropractor. Some are scared by what others have told them about rough treatments, or they may not have liked the rougher treatments some Chiropractors have used to treat them in the past and live with pain instead of getting the care that will help them.

Chiropractic care works by providing the nerve signals to the brain that help restore balance to the nerves and muscles. This can be done by using gentle techniques that not only cause less stress on the joints but also allow the results to last for longer. These gentle techniques are both appreciated and more effective for the frail, injured or nervous patients yet still work wonderfully for the larger patient.

The extra stress to the tissues that hold the joints in place by rougher treatments make it hard to maintain the improvements and releases more of the bodies own pain relieving substances. This makes people feel better for a short time, but the effect doesn’t last as long as it does when gentle care is used and often leads to the need for more visits.

I use a pair of techniques to provide this gentle care. One is the Activator and the other is knows as flexion-distraction (or the stretching table as it is called by some patients). These techniques are easier to explain when you can see them, call 847- 870-0280 if you’d like to see them for yourself.