“I know it’s going to rain before the weatherman does”.

The people that say this do so for a good reason. What they’re feeling is a reaction to the decrease in atmospheric pressure that happened before it rains, and this decrease in pressure keeps the lubricating fluid in the joints from working as well as it should. This leads to an aggravation of arthritic joints, which produces that feeling of pain or discomfort in the bones that lets them know a storm is coming like the storm we had last night. There are safe natural ways to treat this too, call me at 847-870-0280 if you’d like help with these pains.

Changing seasons

Patients often wonder why things are worse for them as the seasons change. They’ll often say things like “I didn’t do anything different”, yet they know that things are worse for them and mention feeling worse all over. There are several explanations for this, the first is due to the body adapting to the changes. We get jet lag when we fly somewhere different enough that we notice the change in the weather and time, usually taking a day or so to adapt to the new environment. Something similar is happening to us here now, except that instead of us going to a different environment, the environment is changing where we are. And once again it usually takes us a while to adapt to the changes.

In the eastern view there are five seasons during the year instead of four. The fifth season is the changing of the seasons like we see with Indian Summer and happens in both the spring and fall. Illnesses tend to either be worse or become apparent then, and anyone with seasonal allergies can tell you that these patterns continue from year to year.

Acupuncture helps us to cope with these changes, and Chiropractic helps with the aches and pains that I mentioned. Call 847-870-0280 if you’d like some help with these changes.

Why does my neck hurt in the morning?

When the weather turns cooler like it has this week I have more patients mentioning how their neck felt fine when they went to bed yet hurts so much when they woke up in the morning. There are a couple of reasons for that, and the first of these reasons relates to sleep posture. Your posture while you are asleep is just as important as your posture when you are awake. Just like when we’re awake, the best sleep posture places the head and neck in a neutral position – you sleep in a position that would have your head looking straight ahead and balanced over your both your shoulders and hips if you were upright. This position reduces the stresses placed on the upper back and the back of the neck, allowing these tissues to heal while you sleep. These tissues are typically stressed during the day due to the amount of time we spend looking down at things like the computers on our desks, smartphones and tablets etc…, and sleeping with a pillow that pushes your head up too high or lets your head sink down too low aggravate these tissues instead of helping them to heal during the night.

The second reason people have more neck pain this time of year is the weather. People will open the windows before they go to bed when we have “good sleeping weather” and fall soundly asleep. We sleep better with the cooler temperatures we have this time of year. As the temperature cools both outside and inside we have a tendency to curl up to conserve body heat, and this puts more stress on the tissues that were stressed earlier in the day. The problem isn’t bad enough to wake most people up, but it is bad enough for people to notice the difference when they wake up and wonder what happened to my neck during the night.

It’s your health!

With all the uncertainty over the changes in medical insurance that could be happening, it’s easy to get distracted from what should be the main subject – your health! The insurance companies are in business to make money for their shareholders, not produce healthy patients. You the patient can decide to do things differently than follow the recommendations of the insurance companies, it’s your health your dealing with and what’s best for you in the long run may or may not be what’s best for their short term financial health. Aren’t you worth it? As always, call me at 847-870-0280 if you have any questions on this or want to get started on being healthier.

Do bicycle helmets make people take unnecessary risks?

This article makes some interesting points, but I’ve yet to meet anyone who thought that wearing a bicycle helmet was going to make them take unnecessary risks. I’ve organized and run a kids bike helmet give-a-way that’s donated 900+ helmets and seen many of those kids realize that wearing a helmet is something they do when they ride a bicycle – none of them have acted like wearing a helmet makes them invincible. Perhaps the author has found a group that thinks less about long term consequences of their actions than kids.

A nice surprise.

Every now and then a patient will do something touching and unexpected, and today was one of those days. Last week a patient had missed an appointment, and was really embarrassed when I called her to see how she was doing. Everybody does that a one time or another, and I was more amused than anything when she told me she’d gone out of town to visit some friends instead of coming in for her appointment while she must have felt like she’d been caught skipping school. We laughed about it when she came in today, but as she was paying her bill she said she wanted to give me a little extra for taking up my time like that. I’d already told her several times she didn’t have to do that, but she said I should take it anyway as it would make her feel better. So I did and that will take care of a part of the vet bills I’ve been paying these days.

One year anniversary

It’s hard to believe, but I’ve been in my new location for a year as of today. If someone had told me I was going to buy another practice and then move it in two weeks I would have wondered why, but after being on my own here for a year I know it was the right thing to do. Thanks for all the support from the patients and suppliers I’ve used, I appreciate your trust and look forward to helping you with your health care needs in the future.

Spring fever

Now that the weather seems to have warmed up and people are going to more active outside the spring fever/weekend warrior type of injuries are going to be happening more. If you’d want to avoid that happening to you, remember to ease back into your old routine while avoiding doing too much too soon You’ve got the rest of the season ahead of you, and who wants to miss the beginning while you recover from an avoidable injury? It takes a little time for your muscles to regain the strength, endurance and flexibility they had last fall, give them a chance to warm up and get limber before resuming those activities you’ve only been able to dream about over the winter. And if you do overdo it, schedule an appointment and I can help you recover sooner. 847-870-0280

Get outside and get some fresh air.

Getting out into the fresh air and getting some exercise is a great way to help speed up the recovery from that nasty cold that’s going around, and it’s good for you even if you were lucky enough to avoid it so far. Now is the time to do it too, as there is more snow in the weather forecast for later in the week.