“Cannot say enough good things about this practice. Dr Bagby is so personable and does a great job at listening to the patients needs. Moved locations and is a bit of a drive for me, but I still will make my way out there when my back needs a little tlc” Noel K

“I have been seeing Dr. Bagby for at least 16 years. He has helped me when my Dr. couldn’t with pinched nerves. He always explains things and listens well. My husband , one daughter and son have seen him and he has helped all of them. He knows his patients and really cares about them I recommend him highly.” Kathy F

“Dr. Bagby will spend time to get to understand what your medical complaints and concerns are and will treat accordingly. He is honest, and will tell you if another appointment would be helpful or not unlike others who will milk you for more and more visits. He is also an Acupuncturist, which really seems to help my anxiety issues. I would highly recommend Dr. Bagby.” Tina T

“(Y)ou have been a lifesaver. I could not have made it through these last 5 years without your insight and expertise. Thank you for your care. You will be hard to replace!” Vic R

“Dr Bagby is a knowlegeable chiropractor who cares for his patients in a professional and empathetic manner.” Joureene P

“Dr Michael Bagby has helped me to the point that i have so much energy and feel healthier then i had since last year.I highly recommend his services.” Anna K